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Customized Applications

All of our answering services are completely customizable to your business. Each account is customized to meet your specific needs according to what works best for your company. Even though there are similarities in regards to the industry your business is in, there are specific ways that we can setup your account to work with your existing business model.

As we setup your account, the first step is to customize your answer phrase, which is the greeting our call center agents will use when they answer your telephone calls. We want the transition from your office to our office to be seamless to your customers.

Next, we customize your specific message delivery where we set up a custom protocol according to what works best for your company. Other custom aspects include the manner in which we take your messages, the script that we follow and say to your callers, and how we set your appointments.
  • Some of our customizations include:
  • General Message Taking
  • General Message Delivery via email
  • Text Messaging
  • Voicemail
  • Unified Messaging
  • Alpha / Digital Pager Messaging
  • Automated Messaging
Because we offer a wide variety of call plans to suit the needs of any business, the call volume of both small business and Fortune 500 Companies are easily accommodated. In this way, a small company can have as little as one call a day to be answered, even though we have the capability to handle thousands of daily calls.

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