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Excellent customer service plays a big role for companies listed on Fortune 500, and is believed to be one of the secrets of success. Customers should be treated as if they are the most important part of the business, which they are. Make sure that you address all of your customers’ needs in a timely manner with our answering services.

We provide your Fortune 500 Company with a high touch, high quality extension of your business. With exemplary customer support capabilities, our professional call center agents have the ability to act as your virtual customer service department. Performing all customer support functions, our call center agents are highly trained on your specific account and have a goal of first call resolution.

Management knows that communication is what keeps any company operating smoothly. Make sure that you provide the ability for your customers to communicate with you, at any time of the day, by outsourcing your answering needs to our call center. Whether it’s during regular business hours and you have too many calls to handle alone, or it’s after hours when your business is closed, our highly trained agents will make sure your customers always get through to a live voice.

Because we serve a wide range of industries and businesses, our agents can provide all customer service support in a full time, overflow, or afterhours capacity. Our completely customizable services are achieved by following a script that is tailored to your specific needs. No matter what industry you are in, your business can be assured that our professional and highly trained call center agents will speak with your customers in a professional and courteous manner that will represent your company in a favorable light.

If your company has several locations across the United States, we can act as your virtual headquarters by providing one, central number for your customers to call for product or service or information. In this way, your business can receive nationwide coverage with a local presence.

Because we are available on a 24 hour schedule, your Fortune 500 Company will never miss a call.

We are an approved vendor for the state of Ohio.

It is important for government offices to be accessible 24 hours a day, but many government calls are answered by voice messaging systems that consist of pre-recorded prompts that can confuse the callers. In this way, a simple phone call can turn into a frustrating event. Why put anyone through unnecessary and timely steps when you can utilize a professional government answering service.

Our government answering services are available at any level; from local, state and county, all the way to federal government offices. Our professionally trained agents can provide immediate service to your customers to ensure that their needs are met, both efficiently and accurately. By employing a government answering service 24-7, or during your non-operational hours, you can dramatically improve the industry standard. Instead of creating unnecessary stress for your callers, our call center agents will make sure that your callers receive the personal and knowledgeable attention they deserve.

Whether you are a local, state, county, or federal agency, we have a certified government answering service that will provide your callers with continuous access and service. In addition, outsourcing your government office calls can reduce costs involved with hiring excess staff in-house. There is no need for a receptionist or in-house call centers when you allow our agents to take your calls and dispatch your personnel .

Prove to your callers that their needs are important by making sure every call gets the proper attention and customer service it deserves. Make sure that your government office is ready in the event of a natural disaster, when your staff is low due to budget cuts, or when you are replacing your current, underperforming call center. Our government answering services will alleviate any worry and ensure that all of your calls are answered.

If a natural disaster should occur, our call center agents are aware of the appropriate procedures and training involved with handling any emergencies that may occur. By utilizing scripted templates, you can be sure that your callers are receiving consistently accurate answers to their urgent questions.

With a government answering service to field your incoming calls, you will be able to conduct business as usual without having to stop and answer the phone. You won’t waste any of your valuable time re-directing calls to the correct department or agency when you let our call agents do the legwork for you. Through the credible and reliable assistance of a government answering service, you can focus on much more important things, such as keeping citizens informed and protected.

We currently help many government agencies with our professional and reliable call answering services. These agencies are vital to the surrounding communities as they provide state and federal funds which are used to help families in need and promote cleaner, “green” solutions. Let our call answering services help your government office run smoothly and effectively and give your community the peace of mind that their calls will be answered promptly and accurately.

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