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Our legal call services come with over 50 years of expertise, as our highly trained agents act as an extension of your law firm when handling any of your client calls. If you are a small firm, we provide the extra staff you need to maintain a professional image to your clients. If your firm is large, we can seamlessly handle the large number of calls coming in.

You will never miss a client call again with our 24 hour legal answering services. Plus, your clients will appreciate always being able to speak with a live person rather than leaving a message on a machine. Potential clients are more likely to hire a lawyer that has the time to handle their case. Reassure those people calling for the first time by having their call answered by a courteous, professional agent that will relay any messages promptly and without error.

Our legal answering services remove any interruptions throughout your busy day, as you can specify which calls, if any, are routed directly to your phone, email, or voicemail and are archived for later attention. This way, you can spend the day in court without worrying about missing any important connections.

With legal appointment scheduling, live agents are available to process your important calls and schedule your appointments at any time of the day. This around-the-clock scheduling ensures that attorneys, and other legal professionals, can maintain a full, organized, and efficient schedule to better meet the needs of clients. Urgent clients can reach a live person and receive immediate assistance. In this way, a potential client can turn into a new client, as you will not lose the call to a competitor.

Our completely customizable legal answering services allow for easy integration of your current appointment scheduling specifications. Whether you are a personal injury lawyer or a large national firm, we effectively process all of your calls and schedule appointments in a manner which is personalized to fit the specific needs of your firm.

Due to the complexities involved with legal cases, our skilled agents are trained to handle your calls with dependable accuracy, therefore providing error-free answering services. Plus, we understand the private and sensitive nature of legal calls and will preserve the integrity of any information exchanged. We pride ourselves in offering legal answering services that attorneys, and their clients, can trust.

There is no need to hire extra, in-house staff to answer your legal calls when our agents act as your virtual receptionists. We can filter your calls according to your specifications and only patch through the ones you deem most vital; less important calls can be emailed, or otherwise messaged, for later review. Legal answering services help you maintain a busy image, as any successful attorney should, while not missing a single call at any time of the day.

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