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Your practice relies on your patients, and our medical answering services ensure that all your calls are handled both professionally and courteously. Whether a single doctor office, or a fully-staffed hospital, we can handle all of your patient calls at any time of the day. With over 50 years of experience, our medical answering services are completely customizable to the needs of your facility.

Protect your practice during any unforeseen circumstance such as power loss, weather emergency, or a natural disaster by utilizing our professional medical answering services and call center services. We help you meet the expectations of your patients in regards to their needs to gain information about their health. You can rely on our agents to accurately relay any messages so that you get the pertinent information you need to Our skilled agents can dispatch all of your high priority, or emergency calls, to the designated on-call contacts until someone is reached, giving your practice the quick response time to best address the needs of your patients. All calls are recorded and time-stamped, so you have a record of the time each call comes in and how quickly your staff responds to each page, text message, or email.

Our highly trained agents act as an extension of your medical office, or hospital, and provide your patients with a courteous, live voice to handle their calls. Because we act as a virtual receptionist, you can continue working without the interruption of answering a call and losing your train of thought; and you can grow your practice without having to hire extra staff in-house.

If you have several locations for your practice, you no longer need to worry about your patients calling the right office when all of your calls can have one virtual headquarters. Your patients will have the added convenience of only needing to know one number in order to reach you, thus avoiding any possible confusion. In addition, patients are more likely to explain their circumstances to a live person than an answering machine. Using our professionally trained agents is a cost-effective solution that offers excellent customer service.

Our appointment scheduling and reminder services drastically reduce the number of missed appointments, which subsequently decreases any unexpected down-time and increases your company’s revenue. In addition, your patients will be able to schedule their appointments at any time of day that is most convenient to them.

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