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If you are not currently accepting phone orders, you may be losing money. With our order taking answering services, your business will be able to accept orders over the phone at any time of the day.

Our superior customer service, product knowledge capability, and attention to detail ensure that any information is accurately delivered to your customers resulting in the correct products being shipped to the correct addresses.

Our order taking answering service functions as an extension of your business. This way, if callers need assistance we cannot provide, we can route their call to the appropriate party or pass their message on to someone else within your company. In addition, our agents can assist your customers by confirming a model number or shipping method. Orders and messages can be delivered to you in a variety of ways, including email, text message, fax, or telephone call.

With custom order scripting based upon your business specifications, our agents will ensure that every piece of information you need to process an order is accurate and accounted for.

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