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Don’t risk losing any leads by relying on voicemail. Our real estate answering services ensure that you will never lose the opportunity of obtaining a new customer, or closing a sale, by providing live, professional receptionists to handle all of your calls. It’s common for people to look for a new home in the evenings or on weekends. Make sure you receive all the calls that come in during off-hours by letting our professional receptionists act as your virtual receptionists.

For over 50 years we have been offering superior customer service outsourcing solutions so that you can focus on the day-to-day business without the interruption of answering the phone and losing your train of thought. In a highly competitive industry, such as real estate, it is essential that your customers reach a live person, rather than leave a message, so that they don’t move on to one of your competitors.

Whether it’s residential or commercial sales, we train our receptionists to handle your real estate answering needs in a courteous and professional manner. Our goal is to implement a customizable solution where we gather and route your calls according to the specifications of your business. We are able to integrate directly with your business by utilizing web portals and client databases that you already use on a daily basis.

Customers need to trust who they are doing business with, especially when purchasing or selling a home. Don’t risk ruining your reputation by not responding to the needs of your customers in a timely manner. Our custom, real estate answering services give agents, investors, and brokers the constant availability that lets their customers know they care. The benefit of this personal connection is a strengthened relationship and increased trust from your customers.

Our reliable, real estate answering services are guaranteed to handle your calls during any weather emergency, power outage or natural disaster your business may face. You never have to worry about a customer feeling that they cannot reach you for any reason. Even when they cannot speak to you directly, our live receptionists give the assurance that their message will reach the right person.

Whether you are an independent real estate agent or a large firm, we act as an extension of your office to provide the answering services specified to the size of your business and amount of call traffic. By letting our skilled, professional receptionists answer your real estate calls, you have the freedom to conduct showings without the worry of missing another customer.

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