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"CMR has been a useful asset to us on several levels.

First, it allows us to capture and verify when an employee calls off, when they do it, and what information they provide. On the HR side, it allows us to verify when they called, and the details of the employee’s issue. They generate a call-off number from their system which is useful for tracking and verification purposes.

In addition, in case we need it, CMR backs it up with access to search a particular call and listen to it from the 5-year archive they maintain on their Webworx portal.

CMR’s customer service has been responsive and friendly if we have a question with respect to managing our account.

We definitely feel that CMR has allowed us to be more accurate, efficient and gives us a peace of mind with regard to knowing our attendance line is up to the task"

- Kraft Foods

"We have been using CMR to manage our employee call-in line for almost a year. Initially their team worked hand in hand with our developers to make their system fit our needs. I believe that our expectations were a little beyond what they had done in the past, but both sides worked through the design and developed a great product for General mills Wellston.

This system gives our employees 24 hr access to a live person to log their absence. Their support has reduced administrative load and improved call-in log accuracy.

Beyond this, customer service, invoice receipt, and follow-ups are timely and correct.

CMR has a strong system and more importantly a strong team."

- General Mills Wellston, Ohio

"CMR does such a fine job it’s an injustice to say they even have competition much less that they outperform their competition. They anticipate and address problems before they happen and they practice the excellent communication upon which their business is based. If this were Ebay, I’d give them an A++++ rating!"

- Bruner Service

"Lift Stations R Us has used the services of Call Management Resources for quite some time now. We are very pleased with the services Call Management Resources provides us. We are 24/7 on call so most of our after hour calls are emergency calls. It is crucial we respond to these calls within 45 minutes, CMR does a wonderful job of taking accurate messages, along with emailing the messages and providing audio services for these calls. CMR staff is always polite and courteous with our customers and almost always I get great feedback from our customers about CMR. Thank you Call Management Resources for your great service!

- Lift Stations R Us, Miami Fl.

"We had tried other companies to answer our phone calls when our office was closed or too busy to pick up inbound calls. There always seemed to be something that just wasn’t right regardless who we used. Before hiring Call Management Resources, I spoke to them at length of my needs and concerns. They made me feel that they would truly be an effective and competent resource. I have since hired them and found them to be a very cost effective solution. When I wanted to change the way we handled a call they were quick to respond and offered suggestions to remedy the process. I am happy with their services.

- Premium Protection

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