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If you are juggling numerous communication tools and have several contact numbers on your business card, you need to make sure the important people can reach you. Our Follow-me service provides you with one central phone number that can connect to your office, home, mobile, pager, or voice mailbox.

By utilizing the Follow-Me service, you can choose where your calls are forwarded and maintain control of all your communications. Follow-Me service comes standard with the Virtual Receptionist to screen all of your calls. When a call is received, the Virtual Receptionist will ask the caller to state their name. Then, when you receive the call, the Virtual Receptionist will notify you of the person calling and you can either choose to speak with the person or send the person to voicemail without the caller ever knowing.

Now you can accept the calls you want to take and avoid the ones that you don’t, saving you time throughout the busy workday. By combining the Virtual Receptionist with a messaging solution, we have propelled the Follow-Me service into a leader of unified messaging within the telecommunications industry.

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