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Reduce outage time and protect your customers by outsourcing your utility answering services. Our professionally skilled agents can handle all of the simultaneous calls that come in during a power outage, which allows you to focus on solving the problem at hand. Your customers will not only appreciate being able to speak with a live person, they will also be reassured that their concerns are heard and the problem is being resolved.

Thousands of homes and businesses can be affected at the same time during utility failure or a service outage, losing crucial services such as electricity or water. We provide a reliable solution for a large number of customers to be able to reach your technicians, at any time of day, with utility answering services. When your concerned customers call, we can convey pertinent information to them, such as when they can expect services to resume, through our customizable scripting.

Our customized scripting will assure that every emergency utility call requiring immediate attention will be handled both quickly and professionally. We act as a centralized communication center that is easily accessible to your utility customers, even after hours, because an emergency can happen at any time. And if your business is also affected during an outage and you lose the ability to make and receive calls, we can take over and make sure that your business continues functioning as usual.

If you are looking to expand your business without the extra hiring cost for additional staff, our agents can act as your virtual receptionist without taking up any space in your office. With multiple virtual receptionists available, your utility calls will always be answered by a live person so that you can be out in the field working. Our highly trained agents customize your account according to the needs of your business and can manage communication needs of multiple locations from their virtual headquarters.

Viewing your messages is easy and customizable, as your options include receiving messages through email, text message, or even fax. Every call can be easily reviewed as each one is time-stamped and recorded for you records. This way, you will know the time that each call came in and how quickly your personnel responded to their page, text message, or email.

Keep your customers happy, even in times of utility loss, with professional and courteous customer service, as it is more cost-effective to maintain current customers than to acquire new ones. Your staff may not be able to answer every call that comes in, especially when many people are affected by the utility emergency at the same time. Make sure that each urgent call is answered by a live person who will drastically reduce the frustration of the situation and provide peace of mind to the callers.

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