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Virtual Receptionist

Technology makes it possible to avoid paying for a full-time receptionist, as our live call center acts as an extension of your business and our agents give the impression that they are actually sitting in your office. Plus, we are never late, sick, or miss a day of work due to inclement weather, so your calls are always answered.

Virtual office accounts are typically answered on the first ring by the IVR system. The caller hears an announcement and is directed to one of several choices available, one of which is transferring to a live agent. The caller may choose another option and leave a message in a mailbox. You are then notified, by a call or page, that you received a new message. Callers who transfer to the live agent are greeted with your company name and are handled in the manner that you specify.

By using our virtual receptionist services, your company can provide 24/7 live support for your customers in a way that is cost-effective, professional, and accurate. Let our agents act as an extension of your business and create a great first impression for potential new clients, while providing consistent, quality service to existing customers.

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